Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Climate change and the use of plastic materials have become important issues in recent times. Increasingly, companies are investigating options to reduce their impact on the environment.

In response, we have been assisting companies to review their energy usage and identify short term options for reducing their carbon footprint. In the longer term, companies need to move away from fossil fuels and towards biomass and other renewable fuels.

Regulations regarding single use plastics have moved very quickly through the European Parliament. There is a strong desire and firm commitment from the EU to reduce single use plastics because of their environmental impact. Ireland is quickly following suit.

Companies are consequently looking seriously at alternatives to plastic in their packaging requirements. Commitments are being given by some larger manufacturing companies to reduce their plastic use by 2025, and to eliminate it where possible.

We are helping companies to undertake waste management audits at their sites so that the right solutions for each waste stream can be identified and the waste hierarchy is followed. The reduction of plastic waste is essential, but where it exists, a suitable recycling outlet must be identified and certified.

PP Environmental Consultants can provide the necessary expertise to companies to ensure they meet their stakeholder CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) requirements.




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