Food, Drink & Milk

Food, Drink & Milk

The Food, Drink & Milk (FDM) sector in Ireland has seen a significant expansion in recent times following the cessation of the milk quota and the increasing worldwide demand for Irish whiskeys and other Irish food products. This has led to an increased focus on agriculture in Ireland, and particularly its impact on climate change and carbon emissions. The EPA has identified the main risk areas for FDM licensee companies. An ongoing focus is required by such companies to minimise these risks.


We help FDM companies to meet their environmental obligations.

For example, we have done a lot of work with Danone, Nutricia Wexford to help them achieve their corporate goals for carbon emissions, energy and water usage as well as ensure compliance of the combined wastewater treatment plant which they jointly own with Glanbia. They have recently achieved “Carbon Neutral” status (the first Specialised Nutrition (SN) company in the world to do so) as well as previously achieving “Zero Waste to Landfill”.  “Carbon Neutral” status was made possible by the use of a biomass boiler, the conversion of two existing heavy fuel oil boilers to natural gas as well as the site being certified to ISO 50001:2018.

In the client’s own words

PP Environmental Consultants have been assisting Danone, Wexford since late 2015, initially providing assistance with the operation of the jointly owned (with Glanbia) wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). In 2016, the Danone Group implemented “NATURE” as a Business Fundamental for all supply points and PP Environmental Consultants undertook significant work across the site to implement the new policy. This included work on environmental programmes covering topics such as energy, carbon, GHG reporting, water, waste, noise and wastewater. More recently, PP Environmental Consultants assisted with the successful implementation of both ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018. PP Environmental Consultants continues to provide support to Danone Wexford and they assisted us in achieving our goal to become the first Carbon Neutral site in the Danone “Specialised Nutrition” sector as well as preparing a joint IE Licence Application to the EPA for the WWTP. I would highly recommend the services of PPEnvironmental Consultants as they provide an extremely professional service for a very reasonable cost.

Deirdre Hannon, Health, Safety, Environment & Security Manager, Danone, Wexford


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