The metals sector in Ireland has many challenges when it comes to the environment in terms of air emissions (from zinc galvanizing baths) to potential soil, surface water and groundwater contamination. The EPA has identified the main risk areas for licensee metal companies. An ongoing focus is required by such companies to minimise these risks and meet their legal obligations.


We can assist companies in the metals sector by overseeing the:

  • Installation of new air abatement systems (bag filters)
  • Installation of new drainage systems to reduce offsite contamination levels
  • Repairs to bunded areas and management of underground drainage surveys / repairs
  • Completion of necessary environmental monitoring and reporting of various environmental parameters (i.e. noise, air, water, groundwater, soil and sediment)

The management of an EPA Licence for a metals company is unlikely to require a full-time person on-site. As such, PP Environmental Consultants can provide the necessary part-time resource required to manage all or part of the licence requirements.

In the client’s own words

“Peter has been our Environmental Consultant since 2010. In that time, he has managed our EPA licence compliance along with a licence review application. He has provided us with a huge amount of knowledge and support over the years to transform the site, in terms of environmental compliance and historical contamination. Peter continues to provide an excellent service and we are very grateful for his input over the years. We would highly recommend him to any company in need of a part-time resource to oversee their environmental compliance.”

Dermot O’Brien, General Manager, Shannonside Galvanizing, Limerick


We provide a wide range of environmental
management services, including: