About PP Environmental Consultants

Established in 2009, PP Environmental Consultants provides environmental management assistance to manufacturing companies as well as EPA and Local Authority licensed facilities.


We help companies to comply with environmental legislation

Based in Waterford, we help companies in different sectors (food and drink, pharma, metals, waste) across Ireland to comply with complex and ever-changing environmental legislation. In so doing, we help them to reduce their impact on the local environment by identifying a suitable roadmap (nature, energy, water, waste).


We have 25 years’ environmental management experience

Our principal, Peter Pearson (B.Eng, M.Eng.Sc., MIEI), has over 25 years environmental management experience with 20 years working as an Environmental Consultant and 5 years working as Energy & Environment Manager with Waterford Crystal.


We help companies to deliver sustainable and accountable change

As society’s demands have evolved, there has been a significant shift of focus in recent years towards a company’s climate policies and use of plastic (Circular Economy). We can provide companies with the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to combat these issues and deliver sustainable and accountable change in their organisation.