Compliance / license management

Compliance / license management

 PP Environmental Consultants was originally established to provide expert assistance to companies licensed by the EPA or Local Authority. Such assistance continues to be one of our key services. We help a range of manufacturing companies to comply with the various environmental conditions of their EPA licence or Local Authority licences.

With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, companies find themselves having to continually improve their on-site environmental management systems to meet tighter limit values and more stringent reporting requirements. How and ever, some manufacturing companies do not require a fulltime position. In such circumstances, we offer a part-time resource with the expertise required to maintain regulatory compliance.


Areas of compliance / licence management includes:

  • Environmental management systems (to ISO 14001:2015 standard)
  • Options for meeting tighter emission limit values (to water, sewer, air etc.)
  • Ongoing reporting to meet licence conditions (monthly, quarterly etc.)
  • Annual environmental reports
  • Environmental surveys / risk assessments
  • Once-off reports
  • Liaison with regulatory bodies on behalf of companies
  • Project management of licence reviews


We work with companies in many
different sectors across Ireland, including:


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